The Tri Valley Little League was formed April 22,1968.  Those who were the founding Board members of the League include:  John Bennett, Robert Smith, Janice Burke, Edward Burke, and Maybelle Tennison.

The League played at a small field with four teams behind Yucca Auto Body in the early stages of development in Yucca Valley, and then they played in Joshua Tree and came back to Yucca Valley when volunteers built the park.  Pop Rauch was very instrumental in bringing the League to Yucca Valley.  Martin Bolha was another individual who help form the league.

The land for the present park was donated by Bank of Yucca Valley.  Paul Hoffman became president of the League in 1982 and remained President of the League until 1992. Nearly all the structures (i.e. fence, snack bar, roadway, tree removal, grading, backstops, were donated.  The League helped facilitate the street name change to Little League Drive in 1985.

The league received $100k from the US Olympic Committee in 1984 for improving the fields.  Each of the three fields was given the names Hoffman Field, Lord Field, and Olympic Field.  The Olympic field was names as such because of the funds we received by the Olympic Committee.

Here are some of the many volunteers who helped maintain the league and built the Little League Park (Roadrunner Park) in 1983-84. There were many volunteers before and many after who served and continue to serve in maintaining the League for all the children in the community.

Richard Owings, Sharon Owings, MaryAnn Scott, Lana Reisinger, Georgia Nielson,  Sandy Gunkel, Lynda Mendoza, Tom Mendoza, Rick Grandi, Harry Keyzers, Ship Reisinger, Don Griffin, John KirkpatrickCarl Peccalaio, Bob Dunn, Frank Pizzuto, Allen Pizzuto, Reg Ponford, U.S. Marine Corps, Bob Burke, Dave Waterman, Ted JurlingLarry TyermanRoy Greenleaf, Bob Gullidge, Jerry Mackley, Sunrise Rotary, Bill Warner – Warner Engineer, George Huntington, Bud AndersonDan Heard, Larry Pacheco, Burr and Fulcher Construction, Bank of Yucca Valley, Cecilia Cavelti, Brad Reynolds, Ficara Paving Company, Terry Burr, Dave Williams Plumbing, George Irizarry, Janet Thompson, Butch Neilson, Steve Heard, Jim Hardy, Art Miller, Danny Pekarovich, Jim Higgins, Roy Underwood, Ron Hoffman, Larry Bohannan – Hi Desert Star

Bold print- deceased.

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